Adulting Lesson # · Anecdotes

Good Cooks Can Make Bad Food

Trust me when I say you can be a good cook and make bad food; just as you can be a bad cook and make good food. I’m speaking from real life experience here.

I, myself, would say I’m an average cook. I can follow a recipe and get similar results to the picture. And I can take recipes and give them my own twist or make up my own recipe and it not go too horrifically wrong. I’m proud to say I have never given  myself or my other half P food poisoning (yet). But I do fuck up occasionally and here is one of those examples.

So every evening from Sunday to Thursday I cook a whole chicken breast and a part-bake baguette for P to have for his lunch at work. I do this to help save some money and because it’s one of the few things we’ve found that actually seems to semi-fill him up. On this particular evening I had created a fairly acceptable dinner already of chicken wrapped in bacon with potatoes and veg.  Nothing fancy just good filling food. I’d cooked an extra chicken breast with dinner for his baguette and once we had finished dinner we nipped out and did a couple of things. When we got home I put the oven back on to cook his baguette, threw it in the oven and set the timer. I then buggered off upstairs thinking between us one of us would hear the timer and get the baguette out…

Yep, that’s right, nether of us got it out the oven. Neither of us heard the timer.  The poor baguette has been in there for about an hour. Oops. Thankfully I had extra baguettes so I chucked another one in and waited by the oven for the timer to go off. Here’s the comparison in case you wondered.

So, what did we learn from this? Firstly that I need to get a new timer already. The display is broke and so is the sound that you can’t really hear it anymore unless in the same room or a silent house. Secondly I should never rely on P to get his baguette out the oven unless I’ve told him I am putting it in and leaving it for him to sort. And thirdly; Adulting Lesson #110 Just because I made dinner doesn’t mean I won’t fuck up cooking something basic.


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